Payment and Delivery


While ordering you will be proposed a number of payment methods to choose from: major credit cards, electronic wallets, wire transfer, cryptocurrency.

The payment is processed by fist class payment processing providers and/or banks. 

As described in our Privacy Policy nor we store sencitive payment details such as credit card info neither handle this information directly.

In most cases the payment is received in real time in a matter of few seconds or minutes. Wire transfer may take up to 5 business days depending on involved banks. Sometimes a payment provider may need some additional time and/or information to verify the transaction details. In such a case you will be notified immediately and may be requested to provide some additional information.

In case of payment with cryptocurrency the transaction is deemed successfull when a pariculat number of network confirmation is received. This may take a few minutes up to few hours depending on selected coin and transaction fee you provided. The higher the transaction fee the faster the transaction is confirmed.


Once the payment is creared the digitally distributed product becomes available to download immediately. You will receive a notification upon successful or unsuccessful payment processing.

Updates and upgrades

Digitally distributed products come with limited time free upgrade period. You can select an extended free upgrade period during order placement. Alternatively you can order an upgraded version of the product.

Bugfixes are provided without limitation during the lifespan of the current version of the product.


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